Sending your soul around a gentle bend to your heart….

Sending your soul around a gentle bend to your heart….
Eric & Andrea Powell
Soul to your heart (Single)
January 2021
If you listen to this track, as any critic worth their salt should, with a desire to find fault with the production, then I wish you luck. If there is one nailed on, watertight guarantee that comes with any Eric C. Powell offering it is the fact that what is reaching your auricular senses will be smoothly delivered and of the highest production value. Personally I’ve always felt that Mr Powell could record felines caterwauling in the yard during rutting time and the end product would still end up smooth and palatable, if somewhat lacking in lyrical prowess! This latest offering from Powell upholds all of his previous production standards with ease, and I’m glad to say that the composition itself is also of the highest standard. Both lyrically and musically, Soul to your heart drives along smooth tarmac at a sensible, but progressive velocity, never needlessly revving the engine, never showing off, just completing the journey from start to finish without hindrance and without fuss. That is not to say that it trundles or goes through the motions, it simply takes you on a lovely medium length journey down a road that has many vistas and places of interest around each gentle bend. As a song, it is organised and arranged and well thought out, but does not give the impression of being cynically contrived. It is a song that appears comfortable and relaxed in its own skin and does exactly what you hope an Eric C. Powell song will do; take you somewhere for a while, pique your interest and then leave you with a warm feeling and a sense that you might just like to return to that place again sometime. There is a beautiful lightness to many of the musical layers and sounds upon which this track has been built up, and Eric’s vocal parts, though heavily produced, bring a nice, soulful feel to proceedings, especially when coupled with the rich warmth and luxurious velvet that is added by Andreas voice. Indeed, notwithstanding the fact that the music, composition and production are all superb in their own right, it is perhaps the vocal contribution of Andrea that sees this song soaring high in the sky as opposed to just flying sedately.
In addition to the original single release version and, as might be expected in a movement where artists often see twenty seven remixes of one song as a minimum requirement, there are several rather good remixed versions of this track including the superb Icy Blue Mix which we featured on the BB Show last week and which you can listen to right here ➡️ https://www.mixcloud.com/WA12Radio/bbshow-19-01-2021/ (Track starts at 11min 55secs) alternatively you can catch Eric and Andreas full interview which includes the original single release and the truly excellent Andrik Arkane Remix right here ➡️ https://www.mixcloud.com/WA12Radio/bb-show-12-01-2021/ (Interview starts at around 56mins)
All in all this song is most certainly a journey I enjoyed taking, and one I will look forward to repeating, and I am hearing from others who are better qualified than I, those who know what it takes to create a song of this quality, that they too are on the bus with me for a repeat journey. And for those of you who are not partial to pretentious references to musical journeys and vistas around gentle bends, I’ll put it simply – go and listen to this song because it’s really rather excellent, and what’s more, there ain’t a single caterwauling feline in sight!
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 out of 5)
Musk – BB Music Team
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