Collaborations between even the most talented artists do not always work out

Darwinmcd and Mark Bebb
July, 2020

Collaborations between even the most talented artists do not always work out. But in the case of Darwinmcd and Mark Bebb, it works out perfectly. With “Featherlite” Darwinmcd and Mark Bebb sound like a duo who have worked together for many years and the end result is an outstanding song and single.

Darwinmcd has been making music for a number of years, both as an artist and as a producer/remixer. “Featherlite” is not his first collaboration (he has released music with Eric C. Powell and Huguenot), while Mark Bebb is the vocalist for two bands, Shelter and Form. For “Featherlite” the two have come together to create a near perfect popédance song.

Darwinmcd`s layered and textured synth/electronic backing and Bebb`s emotional and stirring vocals create a dreamy, plaintive song that beautifully seeps into one`s consciousness. It is the audio version of watching a summer day unfold in front of your eyes.

The two artists work on each other’s strengths, encouraging each other to bring their best game to the field. It works. The song has a strong structure and it sticks to a framework that is perfect for this song. Bebb’s voice is stunning and it mixes so well with Darwinmcd that at times the two just melt together.

The E.P. (man, how I wish it was a full length album), features an instrumental mix and a 12 inch Extended Mix. Both are excellent. Both versions augment the song. The instrumental allows one to hear Darwinmcd’s expert and moody playing. It is a treat to hear the song as an instrumental and see how much the vocals alter the overall mood of the song. As an instrumental the song is a little heavier and darker. This is not a criticism, as it works on its own in this fashion. While the extended 12 inch mix just takes a good thing and makes it longer and a little more interesting.

Darwinmcd and Mark Bebb have come up with a winner with “Featherlite”. It is a superb song full of strong melodies, lovely lyrics, and perfect production/arrangements. They have announced that more mixes are to follow in August, which should prove very interesting. In the meantime we have this treasure to enjoy, and I will put a vote in now for the two to continue and come up with an album.

4 out of 5

Aaron Badgley – BB Music Team

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