Think before you drink this Christmas time

For the fifth year running, St Helens Council and its Community Safety
Partners are dramatically underlining the link between too much alcohol –
and its potentially lethal consequences.

With Christmas approaching, the hard-hitting One Punch Can Kill campaign shows how too many drinks can turn a good night out into a tragedy.

The campaign is being supported by Wish FM, whose campaign in previous years has won an award from UTV Media for best creative ad. It will also see posters and targeted action around the town centre.

Police patrols will be stepped up over the next few weeks and officers will
work closely with council CCTV operators to ensure residents stay safe. On the evening of Friday 18 December – the busiest in the run-up to Christmas – officers will be giving revellers free bottles of water to dilute the effects of alcohol.

St Helens Council’s portfolio holder for community safety, councillor
Richard McCauley said: “We have a very safe night time economy here in St Helens – and we want to make sure that continues.

“But too much drink can turn a good night into a really bad one. Alcohol
can see normally mild-mannered people getting into fights and vulnerable
situations. The actions of a small minority can ruin Christmas festivities
for everyone else.  We want people to enjoy our vibrant town centre
night-life safely.”

Merseyside Police Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Brennan said: “Merseyside Police fully supports the ‘One Punch’ campaign.

“We want to encourage people to come out into St Helens and enjoy their
Christmas night out. However, we want to see people act responsibly and,
where alcohol is concerned, know their limits. There will be extra officers
in St Helens to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable night.”

Make it a night to remember for the right reasons! Here are some tips to
keep you safe:

·    Don’t drink on an empty stomach
·    Stay in control: The Chief Medical Officer recommends 3-4 units of
alcohol a day for men and 2-3 units a day for women*
·    Think about alternating alcoholic drinks with soft drinks
·    Stay hydrated: drink water before you go out, and during your night
·    Don’t leave your drinks unattended
·    Avoid trouble: alcohol can reduce your ability to think straight and
affect they way you process information. Don’t be drawn into
arguments or problems, walk away!
·    Plan your night: tell someone where you are going, and what time you
expect to be back. Book a taxi before you go out and take the taxi
firm’s details

* A pint of lower-strength lager, beer or cider (ABV 3.6%) is 2 units.
A single shot (25ml) of spirits (ABV 40%) is 1 unit.
A standard glass (175ml) of red, white or rose wine (ABV 12%) is 2 units.

If you’re aged 19 and over and you’re worried about your drinking, call
Addaction on 01744 610 555.

If you’re affected by someone else’s drinking, call Footsteps on 01744 808