St Helens Leader signals approval of city region deal

Following the Chancellor’s announcement today of a devolution deal for the Liverpool City Region, St Helens Council Leader Barrie Grunewald is to recommend approval of the deal at a full council meeting on Thursday (19 November).
The recommendation follows months of negotiations involving all six
councils in the city region.

Councillor Grunewald said: “The deal includes almost £1 billion of extra
funding over the next 30 years, greater control and decision-making powers in terms of local priorities for economic development, transport and
skills, and the introduction of an appropriate governance structure.  I
believe that it is the best deal we can secure for the Liverpool City

Local authority Leaders, along with Mayor of Liverpool, have been
negotiating collectively with the Government on the devolution deal.

The agreement signed today is still subject to the spending review and
ratification from the Liverpool City Region’s individual local authorities.

It is also subject to the enactment of the necessary legislation (The
Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill and the Buses Bill) and to
parliamentary approval of the secondary legislation implementing the
provisions of the agreement.

Councillor Grunewald added: “Our concerns around an elected Mayor are well known, but I, along with my colleagues at St Helens Council, believe that the prize is worth the price – and we must all work together in a positive, constructive manner to get the best possible deal for the people of the Liverpool City Region.”