Public can help catch ‘Bulb’ vandal

St Helens Council and Merseyside Police have reiterated their call for
information that could help to identify an individual responsible for over
200 unsightly graffiti ‘tags’ around the borough.

In the early hours of 10 November, CCTV cameras captured images of someone leaving the familiar light bulb tag on a footbridge near St Helens Central Station. The graffiti was completed within seconds.

The individual captured on the footage was wearing a distinctive woolly hat
and is believed to have access to considerable quantities of spray paint.

The poorly drawn symbols left by the vandal are usually in the shape of a
light bulb and accompanied by the tag ‘bulb’. Most are created with spray
paint, located randomly around the borough, but largely concentrated in the
town centre – including Chalon Way, Duke Street, College Street and Central Library. Numerous examples have been found in Fingerpost, Peasley Cross and Delphwood Hollow.

Anyone with information about the person responsible for this – or any
other graffiti is being urged to call the Police on 101, Crimestoppers on
0800 555111 or St Helens Council on 01744 673114.