Press release: Libraries to unite globally on Twitter for #FollowALibrary Day

Libraries to unite globally on Twitter for #FollowALibrary Day



This Friday (30 September), St Helens Libraries Service will join libraries around the world in taking to Twitter using the hashtag #FollowALibrary to promote and celebrate the amazing work other libraries are doing on social media.


As part of their commitment to learning and recreation, libraries participate in social media to discuss, collaborate, and contribute.


Whether libraries’ content are informative or light-hearted, there is a unified message to raise awareness of libraries and their relevance in the digital age. Taking conversations into virtual spaces where people gather online is a natural extension of libraries’ ongoing mission to enrich, connect, and inform.


Join the conversation to celebrate libraries and all they do for our communities by using #FollowALibrary


For more information, follow the hashtag.


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