Partnership working for a safer future

In a smart and safety conscious move, St Helens Council has formally teamed up with City Facilities Management (UK) Limited (City FM) under a Primary Authority Partnership Agreement.

Glasgow based City FM – which has an office and  training centre here in St Helens – employs over 12,000 workers to provide a comprehensive range of technical, maintenance and cleaning services exclusively to over 600 ASDA stores and depots throughout  the UK.

Under the partnership, the council’s Environmental Health section will
provide Health, Safety and Welfare advice and guidance to City FM, and
liaise with other local authorities that have responsibility for regulating
City FM workplaces around the country.

It is hoped that through the agreement, City FM will gain the benefit of
clearer advice, more consistent enforcement and further improvements in
safety management for their workforce.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, Cabinet Member for Green, Smart and
Sustainable Borough, said:

“St Helens Council is committed to supporting local businesses wherever it can. This initiative provides an example of how the council’s Environmental Health section can assist in achieving this, whilst at the same time retaining its more traditional enforcement role.”

The partnership is recognised by law and is part of a national scheme
administered by the Better Regulation Delivery Office. More details on
Primary Authority Partnerships can be found at