Mike Wyatt appointed as Strategic Director of new People’s Services Department

Following a corporate restructure, St Helens Council has announced the
creation of a new, simplified structure based on three main operational

They are the People’s Services Department, the Environmental and Trading Services Department and a Corporate Services Department – each headed by a Strategic Director. The People’s Services Department will combine the work of children’s and adult services.

More work will be carried out in the New Year on the restructuring
programme – involving those services unaffected so far.

The People’s Services Department will be led by Mike Wyatt, formerly
Director of Adult Social Care and Health.

Mike has significant experience in social care and will lead the council’s
work in protecting vulnerable people – despite the increasing budget
pressures faced by the council.

Commenting on the restructure, Chief Executive Mike Palin said: “I’m
delighted that we have someone of Mike’s calibre in this key role. His vast
experience will be a vital asset on issues that affect so many lives.

“These management-level changes represent the first stage of a
restructuring process that will help the council to achieve some of the
significant savings we have to make. We will continue to look at options
for further efficiencies in management structures in the New Year.”