‘Good Guy’ retailers step forward as Bonfire Night draws closer

An award winning campaign, which encourages retailers to be ‘good guys’ in the run up to Bonfire Night, is proving to be successful, with four local
businesses so far signing up to help combat fireworks misuse and
anti-social behaviour.

The move is part of the Good Guy Campaign – a bid by St Helens Council’s trading standards service to reduce the number of calls to Merseyside Police up to November 5 – by working with retailers to agree to limit the selling of fireworks over this period.

So far, Good Guy retailers in St Helens include:

·    Bux Newsagent, Higher Parr Street

·    McColl’s, Four Acre Lane

·    Pound Plus, St.Mary’s Arcade

·    Trebaron Garden Centre, Southworth Road, Newton-Le-Willows

·    Just the Job, Baxters Lane

All Good Guy retailers receive a certificate to display on their premises
to inform customers that, as Good Guy retailers, they will only sell
fireworks to over 18s, that the fireworks they sell are legal and conform
to British and European Safety Standards and that they will limit their
sale of fireworks to a specific period of their own choice, falling within
the statutory selling period.

Retailers are required by law to have a license to sell fireworks, with
some retailers permitted to sell fireworks all year – while others can
apply for a licence to just sell fireworks specifically during the bonfire
period from 15 October to 11 November, and on the following dates:

· From December 26 – 31:

· On the first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately

· On the first day of Diwali and the three days preceding this.

Councillor Richard McCauley, Cabinet Member for Urban Regeneration,
Housing, Planning and Community Safety said: “The aim of the scheme is to help cut down on noise nuisance, pollution and the anti-social use of
fireworks in St Helens.

“We know that the majority of people who purchase fireworks are doing so to enjoy the festivities safely, using them in a responsible manner. But there are a small minority who misuse fireworks, throwing them and setting them off after 11pm in the build-up to bonfire night causing nuisance. You can only set fireworks off after 11pm on bonfire night itself, until midnight.

“By limiting the sales period of fireworks, we are not trying to put a
dampener on the festivities, but aiming to ensure that those responsible
people who do buy fireworks, can still purchase them for a limited period
prior to bonfire night, but can also be assured that they are buying from a
responsible Good Guy Retailer. Even just limiting the sale by a couple of
days, can make a real difference. ”

Cabinet Member for Green, Smart and Sustainable Borough, Councillor Seve Gomez- Aspron added: “Every year our communities suffer from the actions of a mindless minority who endanger themselves and others by using fireworks irresponsibly.

“Fireworks represent a major temptation for some young people – and
anything the retailers can do to help control their availability is very

If you would like to register your business as a Good Guy Retailer, please
contact Ken Glover at St Helens Council Trading Standards on, 01744 676432