Environmental Wardens on hand to help you butt out smoking

In an attempt to improve the environment and people’s health, St Helens
Council’s Environmental Wardens will now be equipped with ‘stub it out
pouches’ – directing smokers to the Smokefree St Helens Service.

The new initiative will see smokers given a pouch they can use to put their
cigarette butt in to avoid littering, which also provides details of the
Smokefree St Helens Service.

Wardens will talk with people issued a £75 fixed penalty notice (£50 if
paid within 10 days) for tobacco related litter and if they want to stop,
they will be signposted to the Smokefree service for information and advice about stopping smoking.

Wardens and other environmental health staff have undergone specialist
training from the Smokefree St Helens Service so that they are able to
engage with smokers and those dropping litter to address environmental and health issues.

Speaking at the launch in St Helens town centre, St Helens Council’s
Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Jeanie Bell
said: “As part of their duties, Environmental Wardens communicate with
smokers on a day-to-day basis, providing advice which is beneficial to both health and the environment.”

“Most smokers want to quit but many find it difficult due to the addictive
nature of nicotine. Accessing a smoking cessation service has been shown to treble the success rate of people trying to stop smoking.”

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Green, Smart and Sustainable
Borough, Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, added: “The Environmental Wardens’ main focus has been on dealing with street littering offences, which so far has resulted in around 1355 fixed penalty notices being issued.

“Not only will this new scheme improve people’s health, it will also reduce
waste and street cleaning associated with tobacco – currently estimated at
19 tonnes annually for St Helens, including four tonnes of tobacco street

If you are thinking about quitting smoking you can contact your local stop
smoking service for free help and support by visiting
www.readytostopsmoking.co.uk or text QUIT to 61825 or phone 01744 586247.