Energy bill rebate for households

National Energy Action has been informed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change that there is a significant number of electricity ‘Pay As
You Go’ customers who are yet to  use their £12 Electricity Rebate Voucher.

Vouchers must be used by 28 February, 2015  in order to avoid missing out on a rebate.

Prepayment customers were sent a voucher in November 2014 to be redeemed for electricity credit when they topped up at their retail outlet.

Customers  can visit a PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office outlet (depending on which supplier they are with) to redeem the credit on their Pay As You Go key or card. Identification, such as a household bill, bank statement, Council Tax Statement or driving license will be be needed.

If customers haven’t received their voucher, they should get in touch with
the energy supplier they were with on 12 October 2014.

To find out more, customers should have a look at their voucher letter or