Dog found dumped and starving at Christmas

St Helens Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement team are appealing for
information to trace the owners of a Staffordshire bull terrier cross,
found abandoned in Newton – Le -Willows on Friday 18 December.

The brindle, unchipped dog, believed to be 8-10 years old, was found
staggering along Acorn Street at 1:30pm, starving, filthy dirty and covered
in white paint – before being taken to the vets shortly afterwards where he
regurgitated a number of items, including cigarette butts and large pieces
of plastic.

Now that he is able to keep down meals, Spud, as he is known by Dog Welfare and Enforcement Officers, is slowly on the mend and the team are keen to see him rehomed with a loving family.

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Green, Smart & Sustainable Borough, Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron said: “This is yet another sad case of a dog suffering through neglect – but one that hopefully acts as an eye-opener for other irresponsible owners.

“Hopefully we can help Spud find a new home where he will receive the love and attention he deserves –but as we approach Christmas, I would urge people to do their homework around the costs and needs of any animal that they may decide on as a pet.”

If you have any information, please call the St Helens Dog Welfare and
Enforcement Team on 01744 676299.

The Dog Welfare and Enforcement team works in partnership with a number of dog welfare organisations and charities, and this year they were named winners of an RSPCA Bronze award for their work with the welfare of stray dogs.

The team would also like to remind those thinking of taking on a dog to
consider some of the following points:

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

· If you think you would like a puppy, consider visiting a rehoming
centre instead of a breeder. This will help stop puppy farming
where animals are bred to make money and give a dog who has lost
their home another chance.

· Most rehoming centres neuter and microchip the dogs before
rehoming. You must have your dog microchipped by law from April
2016. The Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service provides this for
just £12 in the comfort of your own home.

· Dogs have an average lifespan of thirteen years, if you are not
certain you can meet the needs of a dog for this length of time or
even longer, then a dog is not the pet for you.

· Get a dog that fits in with your lifestyle. All dogs need to be
exercised daily . What time do you have available to exercise your
new pet?

· Dogs need to be regularly flea treated, vaccinated and wormed. Are
you aware of the costs? Vets can be expensive and it’s worth
considering pet insurance.

· Are there children within the household? Consider carefully the
breed and temperament of a dog. Visit a reputable rehoming centre
with your children and speak with staff that will know the dogs
and can help find you a perfect match.

· All dogs should be trained. Will you have the time to do this?
Consider attending training classes with your dog. Many
organisations offer training classes for a small fee. It can be
fun for you and your dog.

· All owners are required by law to clean up mess their dogs leave
behind. The council provides free poop scoop bags at council
offices, libraries and parks.  If you cannot face the thought of
scooping the poop – then you should not get a dog.

The Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service would like to wish all the dogs and their owners in St Helens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.