Council backs ‘Safer Sleep for Baby’ campaign

St Helens Council is launching a campaign which highlights the prevention
of unexpected infant deaths.

‘Safer Sleep for Baby’ is based around six simple steps, that will help
parents and carers keep their baby safe.

They are:

·    Keep babies away from cigarette smoke before and after birth.

·    Babies should sleep in a cot or Moses basket. Not in your arms on a
chair or sofa.

·    Never fall asleep with your baby after drinking or taking

·    Babies should sleep on their back with their feet to the foot of the

·    Keep your baby’s face uncovered, making sure they’re not too hot.

·    Breastfeed. Support is available if you need it.

The safe sleep messages will be shared with parents and carers in a variety of  forms  such  as  cot cards, room thermometers, bookmarks, postcards and posters. These will be given to parents at specific times by their midwife, health  visitor  and  children’s centre staff. The campaign which is taking place  across Merseyside was first used in Lancashire and was well liked by parents and carers.

Liz  Gaulton Director of Public Health said: “We are asking parents, carers
and  everyone  who  works  with  children  and  families to reinforce these
simple, consistent messages to help keep our children safer”.

St  Helens  Council’s  Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Jeanie  Bell,  added:  “If  a parent smokes, drinks alcohol or takes drugs, then  Sudden  Infant  Death Syndrome is potentially more likely to occur if they  then  co-sleep  with their infant. By following these basic steps, we can reduce the number of babies dying unexpectedly each year.”

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