Carrier bag charges introduced next month

St Helens Council Trading Standards Officers will be monitoring local
supermarkets to ensure new laws on carrier bags are being complied with.

From Monday 5 October large retailers (those who employ 250 or more
full-time employees) will have to charge at least 5p for single use plastic
carrier bags.

After deducting reasonable costs, retailers must then donate all proceeds
to good causes.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member Green Smart and Sustainable Borough said: “In 2013 over seven billion carrier bags were given out by the seven major supermarkets in England – which equates to 133 bags for every person.

“Many of those ended up littering the streets or entering water courses and
causing harm to wildlife.”

Similar laws introduced in Wales in 2011 have led to a 70 per cent
reduction in plastic bag waste and raised over £22 million pounds for
charities and good causes.